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Apartments for sale in Turkey | Apartments in Turkey

From Detached Houses to Turkish Apartments

In the past, it was common to self-contained living in Turkey, but the situation is changing in the recent years. Detached houses leave their location to luxury sites. Many apartments are built luxury from each other. The living spaces are getting smaller, but are becoming more luxurious. The choice of the new generation is getting smaller and more luxurious apartments. The construction companies in Turkey considering these requests constructed many luxury residences consisting of small apartments in recent years. Moreover, these houses can accommodate installments by the construction company that owns the building. Click to see the apartments for sale by installments in Turkey! Many luxury sites are being implemented you can meet all kinds of needs. The luxury of the 5-star hotel is moving into homes; all facilities may be needed are provided within site.

Turkey is a Safe Place to Buy an Apartment!

Usually, detached houses are located outside the city far from many businesses and facilities. This is why luxury homes in the city center and centrally located luxury villas in Turkey are more attractive to people. Houses which are close to the business centers and providing many facilities are preferred.

Apartment Types According to Size

While very substantially small apartments are preferred in America and Europe, Turkey was the opposite. But small apartments began to be more preferred in Turkey. The habit of society on this issue has changed. The reasons are that individual desire to live, small family structure, and comfortable but economic life desire. The increasingly difficult living conditions push to people their lives to make it easier and more practical. Therefore, it is also desirable to provide the maximum benefit from the minimum square meters. Those who aspire to small apartments are young couples, those living alone, students and families without children. Because people do not want to pay more money for the areas they do not use. Also, people make more charges for expenses such as hardware, the heating, and cooling of this area, and need to spend time in cleaning in the large apartments in Turkey. Also, contractors see this situation, and they run to build small apartments. Small apartments are also more affordable. Small Turkish apartments rent to be given more quickly. Apartment for sale in Turkey has a high return. If you want to sell apartments Turkey, you may sell more quickly and easy. The privileged living conditions and all the technical superiority of large apartments also apply in 1+1, 2+1 small type apartments.

- The studio style apartments are slightly different from 1+1 apartments. The difference is that all the living space of a single room. These types of apartments are usually located on the top floor of the building. The apartments for sale in Turkey are positioned on the front that can get more done in the light. Studio apartments, where located in a single room kitchen, bathroom, and living room, are the right choice for students, single people who don't think the marriage and those who wish to work from the home office. These apartments are only separated wet floors and consists of a single room. Studio apartments as well start from 35 square meters such as 1+1 apartments. Studio apartments have great advantages with the rental. Studio apartments can be rented more quickly than according to the large apartments. These apartments, which can easily find the rental and sales process, are very advantageous and convenient for energy saving.

- 1+1 apartments are advantageous for sales and rental according to studio apartments. Type of apartment which consists of 1 living room and 1 bedroom is important regarding electricity and fuel savings. Kitchen and living room is a feature that will be used together, and it’s called American type kitchen. Housing size starting from 35 square meters and can be up to 80 square meters in 1+1 apartments. 1 bedroom apartments had low selling price according to the normal apartments and regarded as the correct address for those who want to invest in small-scale. The cost such as heating, cooling, lighting, water, and electricity are cheaper in 1 bedroom apartments.

- Usually, small families and people who want to live in a little bigger apartment prefer 2 bedrooms apartments. These Turkish apartments for sale are ideal for young people living with the family and couples who have a baby. The apartments are usually between 85-110 square meters.

- 3-bedroom apartments are mostly preferred by large families. People who live with family elders or has more children prefer 3 bedrooms apartments for a living.

Why not Choose Private House Instead of Apartments;

- Proximity to business and social facilities, the presence in the central location
- Provide a luxury life
- Request for small apartment in the comprising the individuated life
- Expenses reduction with household sizes such as maintenance fee, electricity, and water
- Regarding ease of cleaning
- To be rented more quickly
- To be sold quickly when prompted sell

Turkey is a Safe Place to Buy an Apartment!

Proof of Turkey's high economic performance is entering into the most advanced ten countries in the world. Istanbul won the highest success rate in 2014. It is the result of hard work carefully planned and mastery. National income per capita rose 50% in Turkey during the last ten years. Turkey was able to move economically from 52 places to third place among the nations of the world. Turkey is one of the most prosperous countries in the field of industry, trade, and tourism. The tourism sector plans to attract 50 million tourists from around the world over the next few years. According to the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture, last year 36 million tourists visited the country.

The idea of buying apartments for sale in Turkey seems attractive with all these encouraging economic indicators for those who have cash available. Is it an attractive idea to buy an apartment in Turkey? Is Turkey may take the first place among the countries in the world?

Turkey is considered to be one of the major real estate markets in Europe. There are many laws and regulations about modern infrastructure, related to the banking sector and the advantages to ease buying apartments in Turkey.

In fact, it seems like one of the most important urban areas regarding investment for a large number of apartments sold in Turkey. Buying real estate regarding movement, Turkey is the third country in the world ranking. The main attraction is the property in Turkey sector:

- Price competition
- Compared with their counterparts in Europe and associated with high-quality multi associated with incentives and low taxes.

During the past ten years, Turkey has implemented an active policy to improve the foreign investment environment. Turkey has been made it attractive for foreign and local investors as well as enables all foreign investors:

- Enter Turkey easily and without the need to initial license.
- Get a residence permit.
- In addition to converting their projects freely full earnings.
- Guaranteed protection against expropriation.

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