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Houses in Turkey | Houses for Sale in Turkey

Houses for Sale in Turkey Surrounded by the Sea on Three Sides

Turkey is surrounded by sea on three sides and is the only country built on two continents. It has a very important place because of its strategic location. The Northern region is cool; the southern region is warm in this country. The numbers of people who want to live in this country is increasing day by day. The demand for houses for sale in Turkey increases. Interest in the Turkey houses for sale located in the coastal strip in the Mediterranean region is very high. The population of this region highly increases, especially in the summer. Tourists coming here are investigating homes in Turkey for sale in the next coming. Turkey's west side is called Aegean Region. Gorgeous coves and pristine beauty of Aegean Sea attracts many nature lovers. Marmara region is located on northwest of the country. Turkey's population, trade and production is the most intense in this region. Istanbul is located in this region. Istanbul has an important place for many people in terms of job opportunities, natural beauties essential and historical places. In 2006-2015, many new housing projects are built in here that due to high demand. The number of villas to buy in Turkey is increasing. The interest in Yalova, Bursa and Sapanca which is the neighboring provinces of Istanbul has increased. Black Sea region was discovered by foreigners and many people bought homes in these green lands. The number of those who want to spend the rest of life here increased greatly. Homes for sale in Turkey especially located in Trabzon waiting for buyers from abroad.

Houses for sale in Turkey surrounded by the sea on three sides

The Most Beautiful Places to Be Owner of Houses in Turkey

All cheap houses in Turkey for sale, which is a separate beauty in each place, attract attention. For example, Antalya; impresses people from all over the world with stunning coastline, nature, bays and warm climate. Many foreigners of those who visit in Antalya, they want to live and buy Turkey houses here. Under these circumstances, the need for houses for sale Turkey is rising high.

When we came to the Marmara Region, Turkey’s largest and most populous city of Istanbul welcomes us. Istanbul, which has a country population alone, is widening and improvements each day. The new face of the city attracted many people with urban renewal projects. The majority of newly built Turkey homes for sale are in Istanbul. There are alternatives for those who work in Istanbul but also don't want to live in here. Bursa, Yalova, and Sapanca are ideal for those who such thinking exactly within a few hours away to Istanbul. A quiet life, it is very close to the megacity but it is too far from the intensity of this city. These cities offer quite good opportunities for you which can find the most beautiful and cheap houses and flats for sale in Turkey.

Istanbul Homes Assist You in Each Stage of Buying a Home

The interest of foreigners in the housing in Turkey is high for long years and this interest is increasing day by day. But, buying a house from a foreign country brings some difficulties with it. Istanbul Homes invites you to the office to ensure you all these services. The professional team of Istanbul Homes will help you on the following issues;

- Presentation of Turkey homes
- Assist in the preparation of the necessary documents at the title deed
- Assist in the tracking title deed
- assist in the acquisition of electricity, water, and the internet, after the deed is delivered
- Assistance in making home insurance
- Assist in the selection of furniture and finding masters for renovations (if necessary)

Ways to Find Cheap Houses for Sale in Turkey

When deciding to buy houses Turkey, lawyers applied the most essential points that should be audited and verifiable by everyone:

- Ensure that property free of any debt, "the lawyer to do so," the buyer to choose a reliable reputable lawyer.
- The sales price of the house in Turkey includes the costs of certification fees, name change and bills of use.
- The contract must be Turkish and Arabic and regulates the contract by the lawyer or the owner of the company or real estate office closer to the notary (Noter). Usually, the contract includes all the agreed conditions such as:
- Deposit and be paid after signing the contract directly.
- The legal agent of the buyer must obtain military approval, which allows a real estate ownership in Turkey. The approval of this application requires passport photos translated and attested by a notary (Noter). And send these documents to the Army for approval, and it takes to get this approval period ranging from one month to three months.
- Foreign ownership restrictions:
  . Property limit: is 2.5 hectares of agricultural land in Turkey that means 25,000 square meters
  . Some areas prohibited where ownership for security reasons, heritage, and cultural or economic reasons.
- The existence of earthquakes insurance is the mandatory rule in Turkey. Most banks offer earthquakes insurance service short known of “DASK."
- Agent’s commission must be according to the percentage agreed upon. The custom is stable at the rate of 3% on the seller and the buyer.
- Home insurance is not mandatory. It’s advised to get a normal level of insurance for a Turkish or European company located in Turkey.
- Mortgage Companies: There are many banks that grant loans to foreigners to finance the sale of real estate. Mortgage be in most of the banks according to the following percentages: 30% initial payment and a mortgage of 70% of the value.
- Property transfer tax equal to 4% of the estimated amount of title by the 2014 amendments. There are other fees, including stamp duties. The property in Turkey is Freehold and they include full ownership of land property.
- What is title deed (Tapu)? It’s the title deed to prove ownership rights. It issued by the Land Registry Office. Your lawyer can extract this bond within six weeks after obtaining the approval of the military.
- Housing and living testimony: It is a document confirming and stating that the building fits for use and living. The property constructed in accordance with regulations, legislation, and system construction officer in Turkey. Also, this document is essential because it allows subscribers to water, electricity, and sewage. It issued by the municipality after presenting the title to the property and attached a copy of your translated passport and the tax number and pays the fees.

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