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Property for Sale in Turkey | Turkey Properties for Sale

Why Should You Prefer to Live in Turkey?

In general, the idea of investing seems attractive for those who have cash available suitable for it. How can investment idea become attractive in a country like property, villa, apartment or workplace?

Certainly, we mean here Turkey. Turkey is considered to be one of the largest property markets in Europe with a modern infrastructure that facilitates business processes. Resilient banking sector and the advantages of existing laws are closely related to investors.

In fact, reasons to invest in modern Turkey seems many radical reforms which affected most aspects of the economy. The level of the Turkish economy has become the sixth largest economy in the European Union compared to 27 states. Regarding the movement of construction and buy property sale in Turkey is the third best country in the world with a remarkable in all aspects. The main attraction in the property investment in Turkey: reasonable prices with high quality and many incentives associated with low taxes.

The number of foreigners wishing to buy property for sale in Turkey is increasing with each passing day with developing restructuring.

During the past ten years, Turkey has implemented an active policy to improve the foreign investment environment and make it attractive for foreign and local investors. Also, enable all foreign investors from entering Turkey easily and without obtaining the initial license. In addition to this, 20% and 33% corporate tax rate reduction, protection of property with guaranteed are made to provide many projects profits. It is useful in this regard noted that Turkey's acceptance to pass law international arbitration tribunals. It’s hard to align Turkish legislation with the laws of the European Union legislation. Turkey has made one of the most open and liberal countries in the world both in terms of the legal framework for foreign investment or investment environment.

The other reasons why people attracted to Turkey are picturesque nature and affordable prices for property. There is a cheap property for sale in Turkey. So, you can easily find a shop for sale in Turkey suitable to your budget. Investment in the property allows you to make a profit of the lease and the monthly return or annual charge whether using this property yourself. The real estate market is always a growing sector of the economy.

So, why Turkey? Turkey is planned and implemented according to what was said about all the progress and development in the short term and long term. Each phase of the project can be tested and observed by foreign investors.

Testing the dream of the winner fruitful investment becomes a reality in the homeland of equality, goodness, and beauty. Turkey let us test our dreams and make it a beautiful reality by investment that lasts grows and thrives.

The Development of Turkish Property Market in the Last 10 Years

About 10-15 years ago, foreigners preferred to Turkey for hot climates. But in recent years, it has new reasons to buy property here with the discovery of Turkey's history and natural beauty. Previously, foreigners were coming for just the sea sand, sun, now they discovered other advantages of Turkey.

The number of foreigners wishing to buy a villa, house, apartment or flat for sale in Turkey is increasing with each passing day with developing restructuring. Construction companies are aware that and they have speeded up their work. The Government of the Republic of Turkey works through to be the owner of the property by foreigners easier. Some legal regulations such as the abolition of the reciprocity law and the property owner is granted to foreigners living 1 year are increased property purchases.

Foreigners' Expectations from the Turkish Real Estate Market

Foreigners have contributed positively to the property developers in Turkey market. However, they have some expectations;

- A trustable real estate company
- Home presentation according to budget and requirements
- To assist in the process of buying a property (Title deed, tax number, residence permit, etc.).
- To assist in future transactions in the process after purchasing the property (electricity and water subscriptions, furniture, etc.).

The Ratio of Annual Sales to Foreigners

People who want buy a property for sale in Turkey closely followed those factors what attract millions of tourists every year. First of all its developing economy and a rapidly growing young population. This country, which blended synthesis of East and West and served as a bridge between Asia and Europe, has kept the attention of many investors for years. People who want to buy property Turkey closely followed. It attracts millions of tourists every year welcomes and investors with a modern structure, developing the economy and a rapidly growing young population. Russians are coming for a warm sea and Europeans coming for the sun to Turkey. But it has been the focus of the Arabs attention in recent years. Arab interest in Turkey real estate has increased considerably in the last 3 years. Today, Arabs are building their houses or investing by buying land in Turkey. The home ownership by foreigners becomes easier each day with enacted laws.

Need for Buying Property in Turkey

Foreigners need to control "it is possible that the citizens of the country before sales" for they can buy property in Turkey. Every citizen can buy properties for sale Turkey with adequate budget and without any obstacles to come to Turkey.

Property Buying Process in Turkey

Connect with a trusted company is very important when buying property in Turkey. Determine your criteria and budget. Choose where you want to live. We are offering you the most appropriate houses in Turkey. Istanbul Homes will support you in every respect when you decided to buy any property and purchasing process starts. The services we provide are as follows in the process of buying a property:

- Home presentation most appropriate to your budget
- As optional assistance in the process of bank loans (mortgage)
- Assistance in obtaining a tax identification number
- Apply for title deed transactions
- Property insurance, electricity, water, and internet subscriptions
- Selection of furniture

As can be seen, Istanbul Homes provides support in all matters like home presentation and selection of furniture. The only thing you need to do, tell us your dream house. 

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