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Property for Sale in Trabzon | Buying Property in Trabzon Turkey

A Wonderful Combination of Nature and History: Trabzon

Trabzon is the most important center in Eastern Black Sea region and socio-cultural history. Trabzon founded by the Greeks at ancient Greek period. The first name is the Greek name of Trapezus and time has been changed to as Trapezunda, Trapezund, and Trabzon. There is at least 5000 years history of Trabzon. Trabzon came to the sovereignty of the Persians after a while was founded. Then came to the sovereignty of the Romans. Trabzon experienced an interesting transculturation of Persian and Greek culture at the time of the Persian Sovereignty. "Pontus lands" began to be called during this period. The oddities continued in the Byzantine period. Because Trabzon became an autonomous structure under the name the Greek Empire. Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered Trabzon in 1461. Trabzon has maintained its importance during the Ottoman period. Trabzon continued to be an intellectual and intense culture city until the middle of the 20th century.

It is very popular that buying property in Trabzon Turkey in these days. Because this city is big, there are lots of places to spend the time and rest around here.

This city has some traces which is hosted by the each site of civilization. It has a very important position in the historical wealth. Sumela Monastery, which is the most attractive historical structure, was built by the Greek Orthodox. This structure, which still survives today, is visited by thousands of tourists every year. However, in Trabzon is possible to see historical artifacts from every period.

This city known for its natural beauty and spectacular nature besides the historical beauty has become the meeting point for those seeking tranquility. In this city where blue meets green, teeming modern life and village life. Modern buildings built on the coastline as well as traditional houses Trabzon are available. The city is hosting the many cultures. Almost all the houses in Trabzon have spectacular views. Many people dream of living in this city where one side sea and one side the mountain is. Buying property Trabzon with untouched virgin nature and historical beauties and live in here is a privilege.

Subsistence in Trabzon; Agriculture, Industry, and Tourism

A major part of the people in Trabzon (70%) provides subsistence agriculture. Agriculture is the most important source of livelihood in this city. A large part of Turkey's hazelnut needs is met from this region. People living in the Trabzon houses in the highlands are often interested hazelnut production. Tea production is second the major agricultural activities. Together with these sugar, corn, apples, flax, hemp, soybean, olive and kiwi production is done.

Animal husbandry is the second most important source of livelihood. Fishing in this area is very advanced. Approximately 80% of Turkey's fish production is met by the Black Sea. There is also a cattle farming due to the geographical and climatic conditions.

The industry is developing rapidly in recent years in the city of Trabzon. Candidate to become an industrial center is a province shortly. Trabzon for being a transit port has several workshops with spare parts manufacturing. Tea factories are also a major source of livelihood in this province.

Trabzon has 4 thousand-year histories, and it is one of the coastal cities of Black Sea. Tourism is well developed in recent years in Trabzon. Sumela Monastery in Trabzon from the Eastern Black Sea region is one of the tourist destinations most visited by tourists. Trabzon hosted 39 ships within the scope of cruise tourism last year. Tourist destinations carry out maintenance for increasing the tourist number. The number of tourists coming to Trabzon with cruise tourism represents a significant majority.

Living in Trabzon & Buying Property in Trabzon Turkey

Life is quiet and peaceful in the coastal town of Trabzon. It will be a wonderful choice for those who want to get away from the crowded cities. This city does not receive too much migration within the country. But, in recent years it has increased significantly, the interest of foreigners. It has become the number one choice who wants to live to intertwine with nature. 39 Trabzon properties for sale were sold to foreigners in 2013. This number increased to 189 in 2014. The first half of 2015 has been sold 348 properties in Trabzon. This number is expected to increase in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

The number of property for sale in Trabzon Turkey has increased with this demand increasing. The real estate market in Trabzon began to grow. These developments from the construction sector have led the way for a new livelihood. The increasing number of property for sale in Turkey Trabzon has made significant contributions to the development of this area.

The number of social activities areas, shopping centers, and parks is also increasing with these developments. Luxury from each other properties for sale in Trabzon Turkey is being built on the coastal strip. The apartments are located in the luxury residence and almost all overlooking the sea and the mountains. Detached house in Trabzon of the mountain slope has a great view. These houses are close to many social places, but far from the city crowded.

Acceleration of the Turkey real estate sector has affected the market for apartments for sale in Trabzon and houses for sale in Trabzon. The prices of houses and apartments are increasing, and homes are valued every day. Trabzon has the luxury residential real estate’s such as in major cities Antalya and Istanbul. There is a property for sale Trabzon for those who want to live alone with his family and nature. Buy property in Trabzon for sale from the trustable real estate agent.

Reasons to Move in Trabzon

It is very popular that buying property in Trabzon Turkey for sale in these days. Because this city is big, there are lots of places to spend the time and rest around here. People can visit the mountains, travel to hills and feel better on the natural areas with fresh air. The air and climate are also very critical for the people’s life. Because for the quality life, the atmosphere must be perfect for the people. The air must be fresh, clean and full of oxygen. On the other hand, the climate must be comfortable for the people. The very hot days or very cold air is not useful and healthy for the people, but in Trabzon, the weather is perfect to have a nice life.

Foreign people prefer to live in this city frequently. Because they can make a lot of things here. Trabzon has very interesting towns around, and people can go there to see nature closer, and they can feel that they are just human. If you want to be far away from the social life’s crowded and noise, Trabzon is the best option.

The sea is the biggest factor for the people who want to live in Trabzon. People want to see the sea easily and feel the smell of the sea when they want. In additional to this, they want to see the green nature with the blue sea. So, these factors match in Trabzon. The also city center has full of the places that can go and feel better.

Another reason is about the seafood. In Trabzon, people eat the fresh seafood, and they are very delicious. The sea is near to the city, and you can eat the fish or the other seafood daily. This is a very critical thing for the long and healthy life. You can see the sea from your property and eat the seafood in the same building of you.

The last thing is the view of the city. Trabzon has some mountains, and the city’s position is also higher that the other cities. You can watch the spectacular view from the high places. Foreign people are very happy when they can see the mountains, houses or sea from the buildings and it is very logical that buying Trabzon property for sale.

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