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Great Gesture to Istanbul Homes from Fuzul Grup

Istanbul Homes has proved its credibility and value with the quality works done. Fuzul Grup which is one of the big construction companies honored us with a special iftar meal and work of art. The company showed confidence in us with this gesture.

The Fuzul Grup of Companies began to serve the construction sector in 2000. Since the founding of the Fuzul Grup, tens of thousands of families have made home and workplace ownership. Since 2000, it has made important investments in the construction sector with the aim of creating livable areas. Fuzul Construction continues to pursue its growth trend based on reliability and producing ergonomic and human-friendly habitat primarily.

Istanbul Homes showed the difference and the quality again. Our reliable business partnership with Fuzul Grup was crowned with an evening meal and gift. The Fuzul Grup brought together all the real estate agents at an iftar dinner. Besides, a special iftar dinner was organized for Istanbul Homes. The Fuzul Grup gave us a special work of art at this iftar dinner. On top of the gift, one of Allah’s beautiful names is written: 'Yâ Mâlik - El Mülk'. It’s meaning is “Allah is the only owner”.

Istanbul homes work with quality companies like Fuzul Grup. Mutual trust and quality are as important as customer satisfaction. We are distinguished among all companies with our quality and customer satisfaction. We would like to thank everybody who has labored in Fuzul Grup for this special iftar meal and artwork.

Great Gesture to Istanbul Homes from Fuzul GrupWork of art;  'Yâ Mâlik - El Mülk'. It’s meaning is “Allah is the only owner”
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