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Syrians will be Able to Purchase Real Estate in Turkey Soon

Syrians will be Able to Purchase Real Estate in Turkey Soon

Syrians fleeing civil war has come to Turkey to start a new life. Turkey has opened its doors for approximately 3.5 million Syrians. But, Syrians could not buy real estate in Turkey because the Syrian Government was not diplomatically recognized. According to the last published circular, “Turkish government has started the necessary studies for Syrian Arab Republic citizens to can buy real estate in Turkey.”

Turkish Government has taken the steps to make a radical change about Syrians Arab Republic citizens. As Istanbul Homes, we anticipate that Syrian Arab Republic citizens will be able to purchase real estate in Turkey very soon depending on this circular of General Directorate of Civil Registration & Citizenship Affairs. According to the last published circular, "Authorities concerned start to study to remove constraints of Syrian Arab Republic citizens on property acquisition within the borders of the Republic of Turkey."

Bayram Tekçe, the founder of Istanbul Homes, said that; "Syrians who live in Turkey already show interest to properties in Turkey with this study. Previously, Syrians passport holders were purchasing property on behalf of their friends and relatives. Even, as Istanbul Homes, we have taken over the title deeds of the properties purchased by our customers in order to enable our Syrian customers to own property. We will invite our Syrian customers for the title deed transfer with this change. I expect these constraints will remove within 3 to 9 months.”

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