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Istanbul Property for Sale by ISTANBUL HOMES ®

Istanbul Homes Real Estate is a branch office of Antalya Homes brand which is the leading real estate agency for foreign sales in Turkey. You may browse the properties to find easily on our user-friendly website. We kindly ask you to use search bar above to get filtered results. Our web site is daily updated to serve you the exact price and availability. There is not any rubbish offer to confuse you. Istanbul Homes Real Estate office is on E-5 main road at Cevizlibağ, Zeytinburnu. You may reach us easily by tram or metrobus. When you get off the Metrobus or Tram, you will see our building next to the station. If you are in İstanbul, call our mobile phone directly +905495100707, we come and pick you up from your hotel in 30 minutes! 

Whenever you contact us, our professional real estate agents will contact you at any time you want. They will offer you the most affordable istanbul real estate for saleIstanbul Homes Real Estate office in Taksim, Istanbul was opened in October 2014 to serve you in Istanbul and surrounding areas. Our goal is to give turkey property buyers, the best service with our professional team. Turkey Property Sales in our profession since 2004.

Istanbul Homes main office is in Antalya. We have also branch offices in Alanya and Trabzon. As Antalya Homes brand, our group of companies sells about 80-120 properties a month in all around Turkey.

Living in Turkey & Find Property for Sale in Turkey

Everyone knows that the territory of modern Turkey is the cradle of different civilizations. Every year Turkey welcomes millions of tourists and people to find property for sale in Turkey. It has been the focus of attention of millions of people with the unique nature, rich culture and the sunny weather almost 4 seasons a year. There are thousands of people who have chosen to live and invest in Turkey as well as tourists coming for a holiday. Turkey has all kinds of residential complex to meet the needs of real estate istanbul from 1 bedroom apartments for vacationing to beautiful Turkey villas for living in many years. Turkey has entered the world rankings for the number of foreign tourists visiting the country. Being a foreigner and living in Turkey is very easy. Foreigners, who were warmly welcomed, begin to treat Turkey with great sympathy.

People who want buy a real estate in Turkey closely followed those factors what attract millions of tourists every year. First of all it’s developing economy and a rapidly growing young population. This country, which blended synthesis of East and West and serves as a bridge between Asia and Europe, has kept the attention of many investors for years. People who want to buy real estate Turkey closely followed. It attracts millions of tourists every year welcomes and investors with a modern structure, developing economy and a rapidly growing young population. This country, which blended synthesis of East and West and serves as a bridge between Asia and Europe, has excited the attention of many investors for years.

Russians coming for a warm sea and Europeans coming for the sun to Turkey. But it has been the focus of the Arabs attention in recent years. Arab interest in Turkey real estate has increased considerably in the last 3 years. The home ownership by foreigners becomes easier each day with enacted laws. Residence permit in Turkey and deed procedures are settled quite easily.

Antalya and Istanbul - most preferred cities for housing purchases by foreigners. Bursa, Yalova and Aydın are following these cities. 18.959 properties was sold to foreigners across the Turkey in 2014.

Antalya has taken first rank to property sales to foreigners with 6.542 real estate. Istanbul took second rank with 5,580 properties. Aydın with 1.191 properties and Muğla with 1.051 properties.

1.855 residential sales occurred to foreigners in December 2014 in all around the country. Istanbul took first place with 534 housing in housing sales to foreigners in December 2014. Antalya with 507 properties sales, Yalova with 121 properties sales and Bursa with 116 properties sales followed Istanbul respectively.

Living in Istanbul & Find Property for Sale in Istanbul

Istanbul is the most important and biggest city of Turkey. City attracts many foreigners to live in Istanbul, who searchs for property for sale in Istanbul. Istanbl is a luxury real estate paradise and the most visited cities among Russian, European and Arabic Countries. Istanbul is one of the most beautiful leading metropolises in the world. This city incorporates one of the world's most important strait of linking Europe and Asia. Many people dream to live in this city because the lifestyle here is as bright as in the beautiful songs, films and poems. Year by year migration to this city is increasing. However, the need of homes for sale in Istanbul or apartments for sale in Istanbul have been increased. Investments are increasing in Istanbul with a growing population. You can find thousands of apartments istanbul and villa istanbul at İstanbul real estate market. Many investments were made such as 3. Airport, 3. Bridge, new subway lines and new roads.

In this city, which is the real estate sector developing rapidly, is built quite large and luxurious residential complexes. Every year, hundreds of houses for sale in istanbul are rising in this city. Luxury sites are built with all social needs like shopping malls, restaurants, gym and swimming pool. Construction companies, which try to provide a peaceful living areas overwhelmed people from the city and the density of the crowd, are also providing great convenience to purchase this property Turkey.

There are all kinds of options to appropriate different budgets. Financing options are available from the construction companies who want to live permanently. There are construction companies which allowing using their property in istanbul like a hotel room for those who want to come home once a year for holiday. So, you can make money in a both ways - give it for rent as a istanbul house or as a hotel room. If you want to buy an apartment istanbul, please contact us.

The value of the cities around Istanbul has increased because of this city, which has become a favorite of investors. The cities such as Bursa, Yalova and Kocaeli received their share from this metropolis. These cities also began to draw attention people, who want to buy real estate in the provinces of Istanbul. Investments have increased considerably in these cities.

Best Location to Buy Property in Turkey - Istanbul Real Estate

The advantages of a big city are so risky aspects. You will need someone reliable to be a home ownership or invest in this metropolis and around. Istanbul Homes will support you in every way with experienced staff. A professional team is waiting to help you at every aspect of your home ownership such as to get deed and open your electricity and water. They will also find solutions to problems and will be like your family after you start to live in your home. If you are seeking the ultimate in affordably priced İstanbul Apartments and beautifully constructed Istanbul Villa; we advise you to buy Istanbul property for sale with Istanbul Homes. When you search for an apartment for sale in istanbul or villas in Turkey, you can use the search options which prepared by us for you. 

You may directly call 00902122553355 Istanbul Homes; as a trustfull international real estate company. 02122553355 is correct for local calls if you are currently in Turkey.

Why do Foreigners Choose Turkey Property?

- The housing projects have to respond to the demand of foreigners
- Rapid development of large urban renewal projects
- Historical and cultural heritage
- Economic prosperity
- Warm climate and number of sunny days
- Having a safe and tolerant people
- Have an important position linking the European and Asian continents

Turkey, which experienced a 22 percent increase in residential sales to foreign this year, the number of foreign matter taken from Istanbul increased by 36 percent. Sales of apartments in Istanbul is expected to increase in following years. Foreigners from the Gulf States generally pay attention to the European side of Istanbul. In the real estate in istanbul preference among the main determinant factors are distance to Taksim and the airport. We can see that, foreigners prefer Istanbul both the touristic and the choice of investment. Foreigners mostly prefer central locations, branded residential projects and housing projects.

As we are 11 years in property business, we expect Turkey real estate prices will keep raising in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Need Attention before Buying a Property from Real Estate Agency;

Before you begin your search for real estate in Turkey, consider exactly what you want first. Would you like a summer house, a detached villa, or a luxury apartment in Istanbul a large residence? İf you be clear on what you want, real estate agent will help you better.

Investigate the environment where you want to live and make the selection accordingly. Consider the proximity to the center, schools, hospitals, shopping malls and sea.

It is advised to determine your budget firstly when you decide to buy property in Turkey. Secondly research carefully the process of buying property in Turkey. Be informed about the title deed process.

Increasing Interest to Sapanca, Bursa, Yalova and Trabzon

Districts that mainly branded residential projects in Istanbul attract the attention of foreign investors. New projects show an increase in Bahçeşehir and Bağcılar. Therefore, these areas are attractive in terms of investment. Sapanca, Bursa, Yalova and Trabzon apart from Istanbul are among the regions attracting interest of overseas buyers.

Regions affected by the third bridge over Bosphorus

On the European side Başakşehir- Arnavutkoy - Kayabaşı axle and on the Anatolian side Beykoz and Sancaktepe are affected by the third bridge. Istanbul real estate prices begin to raise when the highways and the bridge construction began in 2014.

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