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Luxury Istanbul Apartments for Sale | Apartments for Sale in Istanbul Turkey

Living in the Metropolis & Buy a Luxury Apartment for Sale in Istanbul

In general and especially Istanbul attracts thousands of Arab and foreign investors who are looking to buy Istanbul luxury apartments. Istanbul real estate market has made unprecedented progress. The increase in demand for real estate has led to very rapid growth in this market. Many huge and medium-sized companies have entered this market for response to the demand for real estate. This rapid growth in the real estate sector has brought a lot of innovation. Istanbul came to be compared with the European countries standards. Owning a luxury apartment for sale in Istanbul which is located both Asia and Europe, it is one of the best investment opportunities.

Istanbul offers to visitors many privileges like a modern life, a deep history, and many facilities. You can sip tea in the unique beauty of the Bosphorus. There are many apartments for sale in Turkey Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus. This is a unique city where you can travel between continents within days.

Info About Istanbul & Buying Istanbul Luxury Apartments for Sale

Istanbul is a magical city by all standards, where the magic begins in the geographical please on two continents at the same time. The western part of which is located on the continent of Europe, while the eastern part is located on the continent of Asia.

Istanbul Homes serves you new built and luxury Istanbul apartments for sale, Turkey.

Famous for its historical monuments and magnificent views and located in the center of Old World, Istanbul is an important megalopolis. With a history of over 2500 years, Istanbul embraces land and sea has been an important trade center in this strategic region. The historic city of Istanbul is located on the Marmara Sea Bosphorus and the Golden Horn peninsula. Istanbul became the capital of the three empires, Rome Byzantine, and Ottoman Turks. Over 120 emperors and sultans ruled for over here more than 1,600 years. It is the only city in the world has this feature. Luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul would be wise to buy. You will need a reliable real estate company to find cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul. Istanbul Homes offers full service for it. We look forward to the most appropriate serviced apartment and house for sale in Turkey Istanbul and around.

Istanbul, Turkey, is the city with the most advanced and highest population. The country's most populous, the most important city from the economic and socio-cultural perspectives. Every day new real estate is constructed in Istanbul because of the growing population. However, the number of apartments for sale in Istanbul Turkey is increasing day by day. Very high buildings built in recent years are made taking into consideration the rapid growth of the population. Due to the rapid expansion of the city's urbanization, it is moving towards out of town. Multi-storey office and residential buildings owned by the city, located on the European Side were gathered district and village Levent, Maslak in Mecidiye. There are a large number of shopping centers in Etiler and Levent. An important part of Turkey's largest companies and banks are located in this region.

Since the second half of the 20th century, particularly given the speed of construction of the summerhouse close to the sea and luxurious mansions in Anatolian Side. Baghdad Street in Kadikoy district with the width and length contains many shopping centers and restaurants. These developments have also contributed positively to the development of the region. The biggest factor is the actual population growth in recent years has migrated from Anatolia. Today, 66% of people living in the European Side of Istanbul. Please contact us to see the most beautiful apartments for sale Istanbul on the European Side.

Istanbul, Turkey's largest city, and former capital politically. It is a crossroads of land and sea trade routes. Due to its strategic location, it has become the center of economic life in Turkey. The city is also the largest industrial center of the country. It meets the limit of 20% of industrial employment in Turkey. Due to the high business opportunities, luxury Istanbul apartments for sale are very much needed.

Istanbul is one of the popular tourist destinations with the historic, monuments, works and Bosphorus. The largest shares among tourists belong to the Germans. Russians, Americans, Italians and French tracks Germans. 8 million 58 thousand tourists came to the city in 2011. For thousands of years, the country has been the various human communities. Istanbul in almost every region of the earth, dating from various periods of history, it is possible to experience the historical monuments. Among thousands of historical monuments registered in inventory, the city walls, palaces, muscles are, mosques, churches, synagogues, fountains and mansions located. You buy apartments for sale in Istanbul Turkey which has an important place in terms of tourism, and you can rent throughout the year. Moreover, you can buy these Istanbul apartments by installment. And you can make money from your apartment.

Life at Luxury Apartments in Istanbul Close to Social Life

Istanbul is becoming a more important center culturally. The city was declared the 2010 European Capital of Culture. The world famous pop star, Istanbul will fill the stadium. Works of art are staged such as opera, ballet and theater year round. World-renowned orchestras, choral music legends, and jazz groups give a concert during seasonal festivals. Istanbul luxury apartments for sale in the European side are close to several social and cultural activities.

There are many historic bazaars in Istanbul. Bazaar (1461), Mahmutpaşa Bazaar (1462) and the Spice Bazaar are the most important of them. In the last years of the 20th century increased the number of the modern market which called "shopping center."

Istanbul incorporates many restaurants and other cuisines with traditional Turkish restaurants, European and Far Eastern. Historic fish restaurants are also quite famous in Istanbul. The most popular fish restaurants are located in the south of the city.

Many nightclubs are serving people with live music in the city such as bars, restaurants, and taverns. Night clubs, restaurants, and bars attract people to this place with increasing temperature in the summer months.

Transportation in Istanbul is done in different ways like land, air, sea and rail. It has large centers of international transport has been made the inner city and long distance. There are two civil airports in the city where the airline transportation. Domestic and overseas can fly without transferring many headquarters. Particularly in Istanbul has a large share the journey by road transport between cities. There are direct flights from Istanbul to every province in Turkey and also neighboring countries such as Bulgaria, Georgia, and Greece. The railway is less preferred other services. Also, rail public transportation is also used in the province. The regular transport is carried by sea only province in the country. The way to be close to the magnificent islands goes through to buy apartments in Istanbul for sale on the Anatolian Side. Very easy access to the islands from Anatolian Side.

Istanbul host to the many sports activities since Byzantine and Roman periods. Today it is hosted football, basketball, volleyball, handball and various motorsports racing. Istanbul has hosted one of the world's largest sports organization Formula 1 races between of 2005-2011.

Just contact us if you want to own a luxury apartment in Istanbul. We are offering the best Istanbul apartment for sale.

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