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Luxury Apartments in Istanbul | Apartments for Sale in Istanbul Turkey

Buy an Apartment in the World's Best City Istanbul

Turkey's megacity of Istanbul welcomes millions of tourists every year. Istanbul, which is among the fastest growing cities in the world last 5 years, is renewing and growing each day. To be owner luxury apartments in Istanbul Turkey, which is offering historical and cultural wealth and a spectacular visual feast, decorate the dream of many people. Everyone, who wants to feel an intense cultural heritage and all this with the beauty of living together, buys luxury apartments Istanbul. Diversity in social and cultural areas, huge shopping centers and busy city life of Istanbul are dizzying. Everything you want and all opportunities will be just a few minutes away from you. Every district is a separate center, and there are separate facilities in these districts. Buy luxury apartments in Istanbul for sale and start a new life in this apartment. All newly built residential projects and many villas in Istanbul are very close to the social opportunities such as big shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and restaurants.

Istanbul Homes sells high quality and luxury apartments in Istanbul. You can search apartments for sale in Istanbul Turkey at our website easily.

Istanbul was ongoing increased pleasure center, especially in recent years. It is in the first place among the city must be seen in the world. Istanbul is a terrific city with history, culture, and nature. Many tourists, who come for tourism purposes in Istanbul, want to buy a house and he wants to live here. Historical and cultural richness, fabulous city atmosphere and nature of Istanbul is fascinated many people. The tourists can find everything they are looking for easily, and this attracts them. Istanbul is a fascinating city with everything in general. History and natural beauty, climate, the Turkish hospitality, gastronomic richness, shopping opportunities, the suitability of the price, are attracting many people.

Modern and Traditional Culture Together in Istanbul

The nonperishable historical structure of the architectural structures on the one hand, on one side new luxury projects rising in all its glory and richness. All this is possible to live simultaneously in Istanbul. Renewed and growing every day Istanbul has become the focus of many home buyers. There are traces of each period in this city which hosts three great empires. It is the most livable city in the world for many foreigners. Buying apartments in Istanbul Turkey is a beginning of magnificent life for them. Life is spectacular in this town which is located on two continents and has spectacular natural beauty.

One of the best parts of living in Istanbul is shopping centers which have the incredible size. Everything you want is finding easily in here. These shopping centers with almost every district of Istanbul are effective while many people are making choices for buying an apartment. New housing projects are located close to major shopping centers. This is a great advantage for those who want to buy Istanbul apartment for sale. Foreigners who buy apartments for sale Istanbul, they will have many advantages of luxury residence complex and close to the many major shopping malls.

Points to Consider while Buying Cheap Apartments in Istanbul

1. First, you must determine your purpose of acquisition housing before buying apartments in Istanbul.
2. Istanbul luxury apartments, which is planned to purchase, should be considered proximity to social needs (public transport, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, green areas, etc.).
3. Is there any facility harmful to health around the apartment to be purchased? Information should be obtained.
4. Is there any mortgage on title deed record, usufruct, rent or foreclosures to reduce the value of housing to be purchased or to prevent the initiation of housing construction? It must be checked.
5. Is there a Construction Permit? It should be investigated.
6. When purchased from a housing project in the construction phase, servitude must be checked at the land registry.
7. Site plan of the apartment and architectural projects should be examined. Do the same with the position of the current position in official documents? It should be identified.
8. The archive file should be examined in the relevant municipality. Is there any report, cease-and-desist letter, demolition, etc. ? Zoning plan and building conditions must be checked.
9. Net and gross areas should be examined.
10. Is there Certificate of Building Occupancy? It should be investigated.
11. What is included selling price o the property? (Buying and selling title deed fees, housing fees, amendment fees, VAT, etc.)
12. Is there an area such as car park, social facility and sports fields in the project? Is there a fee use of this area?
13. The sale price of the apartment must be compared with similar and precedent apartments. Cheap apartments in Istanbul should be investigated.

Or, we will do all of these instead of you! When you decide to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul Turkey, contact us! We offer sale cheap apartments Istanbul with all details and liberate you from this mess. All this required research can get messy in a country that is foreign, and it can be difficult for you. Just say us "I want to buy luxury apartment Istanbul for sale." We will offer you cheap apartments or luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul by credit according to your budget. We are with you with all the services that may be before and after buying your apartment in Istanbul.

Let's say you bought a luxury apartment in Istanbul and you want to buy furniture. We are at your side as Istanbul Homes team in this regard. Our experienced sales team will help you at electricity, water, internet subscriptions and insurance transactions.

Istanbul Homes Offers You the Following Services at the Process of Apartment Purchase

When you want to buy an apartment in Turkey's most beautiful city Istanbul, visit Istanbul Homes website and browse affordable properties for sale in Istanbul. If you wish, you can contact our direct sales team, and you can request the viewing of apartments for sale in Istanbul. Experienced Istanbul Homes team will help you from the first moment you contact until you start living in your home. Some of the services that we provide;

- Best quality, price and the most appropriate presentation of apartments for sale in Istanbul
- Assistance in banking transactions (mortgage, etc.)
- Assistance in title deed registry
- Electricity, water subscription, and receipt of housing assistance in making insurance (assistance in the bureaucratic process)
- Selection of furniture

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