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Invest in Istanbul | Real Estate Investment in Istanbul

Investing in Istanbul Which is One of the World's Biggest Attraction Centers

Istanbul is Turkey's largest and most populous city. It is a place that continues to constantly grow and develop. Investing in Istanbul in well-worn areas no longer not very attractive as before recommended for investments for years. Because the new projects are starting to raise areas which are right outside of the city in contrast to the district is located in the center of Istanbul. Channel Istanbul, 3. bridge, 3. Airport, North Marmara Motorway and two new projects in the city are positioned furthest point to the center of Istanbul. Therefore, investors have turned to out of town. These giant projects that were built outside the city, they complement each other. And these giant projects are not far from each other. They are concerned about having transportation to those who want to invest in Istanbul. There are also developments in this regard. When we look at Istanbul real estate investments and forward-looking transportation projects looks very clear, the transportation will be provided a very comfortable way in a very short time.

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Investments in Istanbul Moves toward to North of the City

Very important developments affecting the Turkey property market is experiencing in Istanbul New attraction centers such as a 3. airport, 3 bridges, new town projects, and urban renewal areas are coming to the fore. The density of existing structures and settlements is moving to the north of the city. Catalca, Arnavutköy, Besiktas, Uskudar Sancaktepe, Tuzla and Pendik are regions open to new investment. Land in these regions will be valued highly with the realization new projects in the strict sense. Arnavutköy has been the focus of attention due to proximity to the 3. airport. Among the developed regions of the 3. bridge is in Sancaktepe. It was observed that the land prices found here increased in recent years. It was observed that the land prices in Turkey found here increased in recent years.

Where Should we Invest in Istanbul?

Beykoz and Catalca are recommended for those who want to invest in land. Bahçelievler, Bakırköy, Kâğıthane, and Sisli are appropriate for those who want to make commercial investments in Turkey. Pendik, Kadıköy, Eyüp, Silivri, Bağcılar, and Ataşehir are recommended in the housing investment that is always winning. Values of the newly established location located in the center of Istanbul shows a sharp rise.

Why Should Choose These Regions?

1) The rapid development of the regions
2) Transportation. Especially construction of the Istanbul subway on the Asian side.
3) New investments by municipalities for those regions
4) the construction of housing for people with middle-class income
5) Value of projects bring to the customer
6) the identity of the manufacturer housing project
7) Quality of the project

Who Makes a Real Estate Investment in Istanbul?

In the beginning, foreigners who are just investing in the summer region of leisure discovered different regions of Turkey in time. They began to invest in different regions of Turkey according to the characteristics of cities. Foreigners prefer the cities like Istanbul, Bursa, Sapanca, and Yalova regarding proximity to shopping opportunities, business, and trade center, and historical and cultural texture. Foreigners prefer the cities like Antalya, Muğla, and Aydın regarding consistently sunny and warm temperate weather. Foreigners prefer to Trabzon regarding nature. Investors abandoned just sea, sand, sun understanding and address different quest. Recently, real estate investments in Istanbul which is the most favored province of Turkey have increased significantly by foreigners. Istanbul has become the province with the most investment by foreigners with gigantic shopping malls, and constantly evolving, renovated the building. They made huge investments to Istanbul in recent years. After the Arabs, Iranians and Germans showed interest to Istanbul and make much investment in this city. Istanbul is one of the world's leading attractions, and so many people are making investments here.

Why Invest in Turkey?

Turkey is a country offering significant opportunities for foreign investors with the geographical position which is linking Europe, Middle East, and Central Asia. Said opportunities are available across the region not only in the dynamic internal market.

The hospitality, tolerance, and lifestyle are indispensable elements of Turkey. It has been a country open to foreign investment with interesting elements that have.

• There is a large domestic market in Turkey, and this market continues to grow.
• Turkey has a young and dynamic private sector.
• There is free and safe investment environment in Turkey.
• It is easy to find skilled and low-cost labor in Turkey.
• Turkey has advanced infrastructure and can invest with confidence.

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