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Luxury Real Estate Istanbul Turkey | Real Estate in Istanbul for sale

Foreigners are Interested in Real Estate Istanbul

Istanbul, which is one of the highlights of the city in Turkey, enhanced in the real estate Istanbul demand. The break new ground in Turkey in line with the growing interest and demand in the housing sector. Brand Cities Summit saw intense interest although for the first time in Turkey. Potential that can be developed with public-private partnerships was emphasized at the summit based on the contribution to the economy of the city brand. Istanbul is a natural brand city due to the location. Megacity has hosted multiple cultures over the centuries. The importance of the construction sector is huge at the came the point in Istanbul. The contribution of luxury real estate Istanbul Turkey is great in this change.

Check all listings of real estate Istanbul on this property listing page. Istanbul Homes offers high quality luxury real estate in Istanbul for sale.

Istanbul is a natural brand city for centuries due to geopolitical location. It was born as a brand. In this process beyond centuries, Istanbul, which was hosted multiple cultures, has a natural cultural center feature. It is a natural junction and commercial center due to geographical location. It is an international cultural and financial center.

It showed a 30 percent increase who moved to Istanbul in the first 3 months of 2016. Urban transformation projects, which is every day growing, accelerated the process of moving. According to the Istanbul Moving Movement Report; convective motions increased by 30 percent in the first quarter 2016 according to the last quarter of 2015.

Urban Transformation Changed Luxury Life Address in Istanbul

The regions described as luxurious in Istanbul is changing with the increase of land and building opened and increasing urban renewal. Briefly, luxurious life in Istanbul is changing place.

Many facilities are taking place in the premium projects among the privileges offered like; green areas, special sections and activities for children, qualified education institutions, cleaning, special sports areas, smart home system, shopping streets etc.

The increase in property prices is continuing

The price increases experienced in the real estate sector continues to endure each passing day. The growth rate is very high especially in major cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara. So, these data show that the value will continuously increase when you buy a real estate in Istanbul. Real estate companies in Istanbul explain the reasons for the price increase;

- The quality of real estates has increased

More qualified and modern Istanbul Turkey real estate is being built according to the old. So, inside and outside built luxury residences, which are located in the upscale neighborhood, formerly, have built in each district now. Contractors add many stylish features from each other to all homes such as marble stairs, led lighting, kitchen appliances etc.

- There are also requested to complex

Construction of sites, which incorporates all kinds of social opportunity, sees demand in recent years. This style real estate in Istanbul for sale contains all social facilities.

- Real estate purchase of foreigners increased

Also, the number of foreign purchases increased with the number of quality real estate in Turkey. In particular, Arab and Middle East citizens’ interest of real estate Turkey Istanbul is quite high. Demands of real estate for sale in Istanbul are one of the most important reasons to raises prices.

- Shortage of land

The shortage of land in major cities is reflected in the prices of apartments.

Foreigners loved real estate in Istanbul Turkey

In real estate sales, Istanbul had the highest share with 21.993 residential sales. Ankara is the province with the highest sales rate after Istanbul with 12,730 real estate sale.

Most real estate sales to foreigners were held in Istanbul. Istanbul ranked first with 583 real estate sales in Turkey. Antalya is second with 360 real estate sales. Bursa is third with 113 real estate sales. Iraqi citizens have bought 244 properties from Turkey. Respectively, Iraq is followed by Saudi Arabia with 151 properties, Afghanistan with 148 properties, Kuwait with 136 properties and Russia with 96 properties.

According to the International Monetary Fund research; price increase of real estate for sale in Turkey is over 42 percent of the rent increase. So, let's say you bought real estate in Istanbul Turkey. If you rent your real estate, you can get your money back in 21 years average. You can get in touch with our experienced agents to buy real estate Istanbul sale. If you want to buy real estate in Istanbul you should check on our portfolios with special prices.

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